Saturday, June 28, 2014

Spring Antics

LaBoeuf and Daisy have ONE thing in common.
Basking.   They both love it.

Grandpa Jack and this monkey also have one thing in common.
You decide what.

Boeufy has what we call a natural affinity for leadership.
Also, he is bossy.

Kate was a pioneer in her class program.
She worried about looking "good" enough to be a pioneer which leads me to believe there are some holes in the Utah History curriculum.

Someone's in my spot.  That someone has a magical way of taking every spot.

I exact my revenge by making him wear costumes.
Here he's a "Do-bear-man."

Maggie has begun piano lessons.  She begged and begged and I felt she was finally old enough.
She is doing great so far.

Doberman in underpants.
Heck.  No wonder he feels entitled to sleep wherever he wants.

Is it a BIG giant award?
A big GIANT award?
A big giant AWARD?
Maybe I'm flattered, maybe my feelings are hurt.

If you think a bearded dragon isn't a very "girly" pet, then you, sir, are sorely mistaken.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Spring Break in Arizona

Last spring break was the first time I drove to Phoenix without Bruce (but with the girls, of course).  Due to his work schedule he flew down to meet us later.  We split the trip up into two days, staying overnight in Kanab.  Kate and Maggie LOVE a) a hotel pool and B) a hotel breakfast and were thrilled with the accommodations.  

We arrived in Gilbert around 1:30 and by 1:38 this was the scene.
Going to Phoenix to visit Bruce's family is always fun.  We've been there enough that we have our favorite stops and usual haunts.  Ironically, none of them are Bruce's sentimental favorites.  We carefully plan our meals so we can be sure to eat at all of the "good" places.
There's always shopping.
There's always swimming.  Even when the native Phoenicians find it far too cold for the pool, Kiki thinks that if the suns out, her buns are out.
We went to the Phoenix Children's Museum.
They laid on a bed of nails.

There's always brother time...
...and there's never enough cousin time.
After a lonely birthday at home without us, Bruce flew in for a day-late celebration with his family.

Then we headed to Oceanside for some beach time.

We always love our stays on the beach.  The girls adore their aunts and uncles and it's just relaxing.  

Aunt Christy gave the girls balloon animals to play with on the long ride home, and it proved to be quite educational.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

A little bit about my life lately...

My dad pulled out he and my mom's wedding album the other day.  I loved looking at the pictures of my aunts, uncles, and grandparents.  
Jerry, Diane, Susan, Margaret, Preston, and Jack

Brian, Bill, Gloria, Merrilee, Bill, and Arlys
I was able to be with my friend Anne when she had her baby earlier this year.  This is me in the hospital all gowned up and ready to be her support crew.  I sent this pic to Bruce so I guess I've sexted now.

I think that Daisy and I have the exact same body type.

For a while, I had pink hair.  
I got to hang with my cousins at a baby shower.
Randi, me, and Mel

My cute cousin Ashley- she just had her sweet baby girl a couple of weeks ago.

Sometimes I make my brother take a selfie.
I accidentally used this in the shower.
My skin felt very soft.

Steph and I had our joint recital with my mom.  Since 90% of our time together is spent in running clothes, we thought a picture of us in regular clothes would be awesome.
Life is busy! We are winding down to the end of the school year and making plans for summer.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Older One

Kate just keeps staying her sweet good self.  This can't last forever, I realize.  I get glimpses of what is upcoming- an eye roll here, some back talk there, the occasional emotional meltdown...the teen years are not far off.  Until then, I don't have much to complain about.

Kate considers her cousin Elise to be one of her BFF's for life.  We try not to pass on any chances to make the trip to Pocatello for cousin bonding.  Sometimes the BFF's even include pesky brothers and sisters.
Kate, too, has thoroughly enjoyed Grandpa George's new puppy. 
We went to see a U of U gymnastics meet- we give the night a:
Kate loves art- she spent her Christmas money from Grandma Hatch on an easel and some real pastels.
This kid is so skinny!  The sweats she's wearing here were purchased when she was in kindergarten, only back then they were regular sweats.  As in, they reached to her ankles.
My mom, friend Steph, and I had our annual piano recital a few weeks ago.  Kate did great! She played Lady Allison's Minuet by Melody Bober.  She loves taking lessons from Steph and is really progressing nicely.  

Maybe, if your self esteem is a little low from parenting, you should let your kid get an email account.
Then you can get notes like this.

  Kate loves to cook and helped me make a St. Patrick's Day feast.  We had a fruit rainbow, grilled chicken, and green flatbreads and basmati rice.  
Kate's report card came and she had all A's except for one A-.  She's got a little of her Aunt Liza in her because that A- has been BUGGING her.  She tested for the advanced learning lab at school and we are waiting on the results.  I feel like I've been walking a parenting tightrope because I want her to take chances and reach for high goals, but at the same time the program is super competitive and I'm trying to manage her expectations.